Top 15 Micro Income Apps!

You can earn an extra $50 to $500 a month with one or more of the following micro income apps.® is a new app that lets you earn money and monetize the personal data you generate in the app. It has proprietary data monetization tools that gives everyone a way to passively earn a micro-income, with additional rewards for engaging with brands. You build your data profile by answering simple questions and will match you up with earning opportunities they think you will enjoy.

Companies will PAY for your attention and, with, you can EARN for engaging with their brands. You are always in control of who you talk to. Save and earn more with®.

Learn and Earn was created by the founders and engineers of Acorns with the goal of helping students learn the skills and earn the money needed for success. It was created in partnership with Junior Achievement, one of the most reputable academic charities in the country. Students earn small amounts of cash for completing interesting and educational courses on the app. Once rewards are earned, students will invest that money in the stock market! Users can select up to 10 individual stocks to customize their portfolio with 50% allocation remaining in a safe and diversified fund. Learn and Earn helps kids stay engaged with educational topics while earning a micro-income to invest for their futures!

Blast is an app that pays gamers to test and play new games, or go deeper in games they love. There are no surveys or small jobs to complete, but each time a gamer tries one of the game “missions” in the app they typically receive a dollar. For example, Blast users can try the game Words with Friends, where the mission is “Increase your vocabulary by playing 100 words and earn a dollar.” Gamers can easily earn a few dollars a week and they also receive XP (Experience Points) that puts the gamer in the running to win a leaderboard that might pay $100. For people who spend a lot of time playing games, Blast is a fun way to track your accomplishments and save money over the long term.

The Dawn of Micro Income!

Until now, micro income was only a dream. People have always wanted income from sources in the background of life, but it was a problem without a solution. There was no way for companies to service micro accounts or make micro payments without losing money. Fortunately, advances in technology and computing power over the decades have brought down the cost, slowly making the micro income dream a reality.

Who would have guessed that the pagers/beepers of the early 60’s would evolve into cell phones which would become smartphones - and much more than just communications devices? Today with an app for just about everything imaginable, smartphones are the de-facto platform for micro income generation and distribution. And, we are now seeing the birth of multiple companies that generate micro income for the consumer.

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